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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Once Upon A Blogger - #1: Arielle from Chimneys and Magic

Because connecting doesn't stop at the "follow" button

{ ++ } Once Upon a Blogger is a new feature I've started here at Once Upon a Prologue.  Each month (provided there's an ongoing interest!) I will feature one of my fellow bloggers (preferably a follower of mine) in an interview series designed to get to know my followers better, and also to spotlight other book bloggers.  I want to know who my followers are, beyond a name, and I want to put myself out there so y'all can know me better, too. 

{ ++ } This month's feature is Arielle.  Arielle blogs at Chimneys and Magic, and she and her blog alike are absolutely delightful.  I really enjoyed Arielle's answers to the questions I posed.  I hope she will be the first of many to participate in Once Upon a Blogger.  Everyone check out her answers and her blog, then if YOU want to be interviewed, just send me an email letting me know.  I can be reached at courageousgrace (at) gmail (dot) com.  

Once Upon a Blogger: Featuring Arielle

{ ++ } Why did you start your book blog?  

It’s the ideal way of keeping track of my reading and documenting my thoughts whilst sharing my interest of literature with the world! :) 

{ ++ } If you can accomplish one thing with your blog, what would it be?  

To simply share some really great books with everyone, and maybe (hopefully!) excite a non-reader about the beauty and magic of written stories.

{ ++ } Do you have a “comfort zone” genre, or do you read a bit of everything?  If you have that comfort zone, do you tend to push yourself out of it from time to time, or does it take others recommending a book to you to do that? 

I read quite a few genres – middle grade, YA, fantasy, sci-fi/dystopian, paranormal, contemporary, classics, chick lit, and others. I don’t really push myself out side of those though, for example I don’t read very much crime fiction at all, and I never read horror. But I also think genres aren’t very important – a good book is a good book, no matter how it is categorised or classified. J

{ ++ } What is the one book or series that means the most to you, and why?  

The Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis. The stories are genius, wonderful, exciting & magical; the characters are witty, honest, intelligent & funny; but despite all that they are written so brilliantly, the world of Narnia is so beautifully constructed, and Narnia’s values totally align with my own beliefs/values.

{ ++ } Is there something you thought was true about book blogging that you’ve since found out isn’t?  

Not really, no! I feel like anyone can pretty much do what they want, say/post what they want and the whole book blogging community is super warm and inviting. It’s like a free universe inhabited by honest people, and it’s sorta transparent in that sense but in a really good way.

{ ++ } What do you think the book blogging community needs more – or less – of? 

I don’t know, really.. I think I can only speak for myself in terms of what I like to see and what I like to read... for example I love the camaraderie within the community, the positive energy and creativity in the atmosphere, and the relationship between blogger and publisher/author, but I don’t like to read about the million different challenges and memes that are repeated so insanely frequently. Some memes are really great though, I just don’t like them when the quality of a blog post is sacrificed for the prospect of a recycled idea that’s reproduced on a weekly basis. Or when I have a hundred ‘Teaser Tuesday’ posts filling up my dashboard.

{ ++ } What is your favorite memory so far of book blogging?

Probably being able to do giveaways, or simply just being able to share my bookish thoughts and be sorta validated through feedback and comments. And making blogging buddies! J

{ ++ } If you could only read one genre for the foreseeable future, what would it be and why? 

Classics. I feel like they are required reading for life – not in a boring way.. I mean, they are called ‘classics’ for a reason, right? I haven’t read enough of them I don’t think... and another reason would be because I’ll be studying loads of them in my English units early next year, so there aren’t really any other options there! :P

{ ++ } Tell me your favorite book quote, be it one that makes you laugh, inspires you, etc.

I have SO many, but one is : “Taste your legs, sir!” from Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. It made me laugh so hard. I really want to get a sign on my bedroom door saying ‘TASTE YOUR LEGS’. People would be so confused! Or amused. :P (It means ‘go’ or ‘enter’, by the way... hehe)

{ ++ } Is there any certain book character you consider your favorite, or perhaps one who you felt a kinship with, someone who inspires you every time you think of them?

Every character in Pepper Dreams by Colin Thompson. So inspiring. So magical. Max (and the others) taught me about what being a kid is like, about love, about dreams, the imagination, and everything beautiful in life.  

{ ++ } Is there any book you reread every so often, just because?  Or a series that is your “go-to” rec when a friend is wanting something new/different to read?

I actually don’t re-read my favourite books as often as I should (currently I don’t re-read things at all! I have trouble reading a new book through to the end, hahaha.. :l ). I don’t really have a go-to rec either, because recommendations would change on case-by-case basis. Plus, I’m assuming that 95% of everyone I talk to has read Harry Potter!

{ ++ } Talk about any author/s who have really gotten hold of your heart, changed the way you thought about reading…really made a lasting impression on you.  

C.S Lewis (Chronicles of Narnia), Markus Zusak (The Book Thief), Charlotte Bronte (Jane Eyre), Gabrielle Zevin (Elsewhere)... and others.

This or That

{ ++ } Dance in the snow or in the rain? Snow! It doesn’t snow here in Western Australia and I’ve never experienced it before.
{ ++ } E-book or real book? Real book!
{ ++ } Staying up late or sleeping in? Both, duh J
{ ++ } Summer or Winter? Winter. Hands down.
Odds & Ends

{ ++ } You’re stranded on a deserted island.  You can have one book, one CD/album and one item of luxury (ie soap, chocolate, etc).  What three do you choose? The Bible, the Joy album by IHOP-KC, and a never ending packet of firecrackers so someone would come and rescue me quickly.
{ ++ } Favorite pastime outside of reading? music – listening or playing it, and watching TV (it’s more of an addiction than a pastime though...eep)
{ ++ } Your top 5 favorite movies, in no certain order? Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day, Beauty and the Beast, Pride & Prejudice, Hello Dolly!, and The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe.
{ ++ } The song that’s currently stuck in your head? Bennie & the Jets by Elton John (as performed by Haley Reinhart)
{ ++ } Summarize your book blog, Tweet style (140 characters or less!) A place for me to convince you of the magic of books and the joy they bring.
{ ++ } Name one book you’re “saving for a rainy day.” Not sure what it implies if I’m saving a book for a rainy day. Rainy days are the best kind, so if I were saving something great to read, it might be Delirium by Lauren Oliver. J (Molli's note: Delirium is a GREAT "rainy day" book, "rainy day" meaning a book you've had for awhile but just haven't read.)


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