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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Book Review Policy

Review Policy
As of February 2013, I am closing review requests.  Please see further in this post for more explanation. 

 What is Once Upon a Prologue all about?
  •  As of March 2011 Once Upon a Prologue was founded as a review outlet.  (I needed a place to squee over books, and my family was starting to think I was insane.)  I immediately felt at home in this wonderful community, and it still astounds me that there are so many AMAZING people here to talk about books with and connect with over our shared love of reading. 
What genres do I review, and NOT review?
  • I currently review: young adult and paranormal romance.  Occasionally, I review romance, urban fantasy, or sci-fi/fantasy.   I will review all the following young adult sub-genres:
            1. Contemporary
            2. Paranormal romance / Mythology
            3. Urban fantasy
            4. Sci-fi (preferably with a sub-plot romance)
            5. Dystopian
            6. Romance
            7. Timeslip /Time travel 
            8. Gay/Lesbian Romances (preferably contemporary YA)
  • I do NOT review: 
  1. Non-fiction
  2. Inspirational fiction
  3. Mystery
  4. Poetry
  5. Erotica 
  6. Self-help

How do I review?
  • Typically, every review from me will include: the title, publisher, links to purchase the book, my rating, and links to where you can connect online with the author.  I always talk about what I liked about the book as well as what I didn't like, including characters, relationships, romance, plot lines, etc.  Generally, the more the book made me feel, in terms of emotions or tugging at my heart, the more that will feature into my review. 
Every review at Once Upon a Prologue is 100% honest,  and my unbiased opinion. 
  • Books received for review will be posted on my own timeline unless a publisher/author specifically requests a certain timeline be followed.  Review requests will usually be read and reviewed within two months of acceptance.
  • Reviews of advance reader copies (ARCS) are usually posted within 1-2 weeks before or after the release date.  ARC reviews and review requests will be given top priority in my reading schedule.  

As of February 2013, I am closing review requests.  I will be participating in blog tours by INVITE ONLY.  I will not be requesting as many galleys from publishers, so that I can concentrate on my own "to-be-read" stack.  I will only accept review requests from authors I have previously worked with.  Publishers, I will do my absolute best to review any unsolicited galleys or finished copies.  This year I want to read the books - I - want to read.  Authors - I can't say how much I appreciate your queries but I do not have time to fulfill review requests anymore.  There are other bloggers who would LOVE to, so please, consider them, and thank you for thinking of me.  

Author/Publisher relationships

  • I love building relationships with authors and publishers.  I take these relationships very seriously, and consider it an honor to work closely with authors and/or publishers.  
  • Please feel free to contact me anytime with opportunities including swag and book giveaways, guest posts, etc.
  • I will also participate in blog tours as time allows.  I enjoy the chance to be a part of a huge group of bloggers, all excited about the same book!  Please send me an email if you would like me to participate in a blog tour.


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