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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Once Upon A Book Haul - #19

Inspired by all the book-haul memes I've seen floating around (and mostly accredited to Stacking the Shelves) Once Upon A Book Haul is my own version of a book haul/round-up here at Once Upon A Prologue.  It's a fun way for me to show off the books I've begged, borrowed, or stolen - and in a rare case, actually bought!  I love showing off my pretty new books, be they ARCS I'll pass on or books I'll keep just as much as I do seeing what y'all have added to YOUR collection, so be sure to leave me a link to YOUR haul in the comments so we can squee together over our new books!  (It's totally not embarrassing if we're squee'ing together in case y'all didn't know...)

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Time Between Us by Tamara Ireland Stone


The Iron Daughter by Julie Kagawa

* Thanks to Marla at Starting the Next Chapter, and Harlequin Teen! * 

Oh, and y'all see that GORGEOUS finished copy of Time Between Us by Tamara Ireland Stone?  You NEED this book.  You WANT this book.  It.  Is.  Amazing.  Beautifully, achingly written, with believable characters and the kind of romance I've been WAITING for in YA novels.  Just...buy it, please?  For me?  For Tamara?

Your turn!  Leave me a link to YOUR book haul / wrap up posts!


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