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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday - #26: Top Ten Characters I'd Switch Places With

{ ++ } Hosted by the girls over at The Broke and the Bookish, this meme features a different theme every week, and hey, it's Tuesday - we've got the rest of the week ahead of us.  We all need a little fun, and who doesn't love the challenge of ranking their top 10 anything...especially when it comes to books?!  I know I do, hence why I thought it'd be fun to participate, and spice things up a little!

Top Ten Tuesday: July 31, 2012
Top Ten Characters I’d Like To Switch Places With For 24 Hours

{ 1 } Emerson from Hourglass.  Okay, so yes, Em's world is often full of danger but really, it's no contest that I'd want to switch with her.  She gets to snuggle with Michael, interact with Kaleb, AND she's involved in all sorts of time-travel goodness! 

{ 2 } Anna from Anna and the French Kiss.  Two words, ladies: ST CLAIR.  That is all.

{ 3 } Calla from the Nightshade series.  I admire Calla so much for being such a strong character, and I'd love to slip into her life for a day and see what it's like, being a werewolf and an alpha.

{ 4 } Amelia from The Vespertine.  I definitely wouldn't want to have her visions for long, but I think it would be too cool to experience, just for a day, that little glimpse into the future.  Plus there's the dashing Nathaniel...

{ 5 } Tiger Lily from Tiger Lily.  What I wouldn't give to meet Peter Pan (in the fictional world), and to run through the forest, carefree, to hang out with the Lost Boys, to experience Neverland!  I'm too whimsical for my own good and I've always adored any and all variations of the story of Peter Pan but I ESPECIALLY loved this darker version!

{ 6 } Mac from Hemlock.  I really loved Mac - fell pretty hard for her - and even though I would be terrified, to be living in a time when werewolves are known to be roaming around, I'd also love to experience that world for myself, and to hang out with Kyle and Jason - two definitely soon-worthy boys. 

{ 7 } Claire from the Outlander series.  (First: if you haven't read this series?  DO IT NOW.)  I fell immediately in love with this series - the setting, all the characters, the lore, 18th century Scotland...GAH.  Claire's love story with Jamie Frasier is both heartfelt and incredibly powerful, and I'd LOVE the chance to time travel for a day to Jamie's time, to see what life was like. 

{ 8 } Chloe from the Darkest Powers trilogy.  Chloe's powers are pretty neat if also a bit scary, but I'd love to trade places with her for a day, to know that I got to try out her powerful necromancer skills, and to also know that I was changing the world, trying to make it a better place.  (AGAIN WITH THE READ.  THIS.  TRILOGY!)

{ 9 } Charlotte from A Need So Beautiful/A Want So Wicked.  Charlotte's power is AMAZING.  She's such a fantastic character, and she gets to help people, TRULY make a difference in their lives.  I'd love to experience that.  Plus...there's Harlin!

{ 10 } Katy from Obsidian.  Danger, romance, aliens...and oh yes, DAEMON BLACK.  YES PLEASE. 


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