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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Armchair BEA - #2: Best of 2012

Day Two:
My Swoon-Worthy Books of 2012

As some of you know, a "swoon-worthy" rating is the highest one that a book can receive here on my blog.  I moved away from traditional starred reviews several months back, and I have to say, (and I really hope this doesn't sound narcissitic), that I'm a bit in love with my rating system.  For me to deem a book "swoon-worthy," it has to make QUITE the impression - I end up laughing, crying, squee'ing...and all often more than once.  The book gets under my skin.  It CHANGES me - sometimes in a small way, sometimes in a huge way.

Today's top is the "best of" books we've read so far in 2012 and/or books we're looking forward to.  I'm going to spotlight the books I've marked as "swoon-worthy," and why.

All links go to my reviews of the books, so check those out if you have a minute and are curious as to what, in greater detail, I thought of each book!

{ 1 } Blue Sky Days by Marie Landry.  I've gotten to know Marie over the past year and she is - consistently - an amazingly supportive and talented woman.  Her debut novel broke me down several times, made me smile, laugh, clap, worry, and celebrate, all with or for the main character, Emma.  Blue Sky Days is a beautiful novel that I STILL think of from time to time. 

{ 2 } Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi.  I was swooning over this one before I even read it!  Between the synopsis and beautiful cover, I KNEW I was going to love this book.  And I did!  I devoured it eagerly...and didn't want it to end.  The characters are so real and you ache for them throughout V's book.  (And she is a friendly and amazing person!)

{ 3 } Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins.  THE MOST PERFECT YA BOOK EVER.  Seriously, you guys.  Set in Paris, this book is about romance, films, friendship...and one girl discovering who she really is and can be.  I laughed a lot and cried a LOT reading this one.

{ 4 } The Catastrophic History of You & Me by Jess Rothenberg.  One of the few "swoon-worthy" books so far this year that has gotten me to splurge on a finished copy.  I was lucky enough to read this one via an ARC Tour, and oh my goodness, did it make an impression.  I sat down, opened it, and literally didn't move until I finished it.  I had SUCH a great time reading this book - about love and life...after death.

{ 5 } Hemlock by Kathleen Peacock.  AHHHH.  What to say about this book, or its awesome author?!  Hemlock fascinated me from the very moment I stared at the cover and read the synopsis.  Then I received an ARC, and stared and stared some more.  Then I dove into the book...and my love for werewolves was not only reborn - it jumped up a few hundred notches.  Mac, the narrarator is so lovable, as are most of the rest of the characters.  To say I'm twitching for Book 2 is...an understatement!

{ 6 } Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo.  SHADOW AND BONE.  Umm.  You know what, I've said it several times on the blog but THIS is my favorite book, so far, of 2012.  Fantasy.  World-building done RIGHT.  Romance.  Darkness (literally.)  Danger.  A female character you can relate to, even while wanting to BE here.  It all CLICKED INTO PLACE with Shadow and Bone, for me.  I cried so much while reading this book because I was THAT connected to Alina. 

{ 7 } Illuminate by Aimee Agresti.  AHHH.  Another book that I lusted after for a long time before I was lucky enough to get to read an ARC.  Before Illuminate, I hadn't read many "angel" books but this one certainly stood out amongst its peers.  I fell, really hard, for the characters, their interactions, and Aimee's mythos.  I cannot WAIT for the sequel!

{ 8 } A Want So Wicked by Suzanne Young.  Oh, wow.  It's been a few weeks since I read this one and I'm still VERY tear-y when I think about it.  Suzanne is such a talented, friendly author, and that shows in this book.  The story she began in A Need So Beautiful continues in A Want So Wicked...in a poignant, heart-pounding, thrilling, dangerous, and hopeful way.  I loved this book SO much.  

{ 9 } Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers.  When I think of this book, one word comes to mind: perfection. The setting, world-building, action, political intrigue, romance, and characters were perfect.  I am DYING for the sequel.  LaFevers spins a story that just doesn't let go of you, and I already want to re-read it.

What about y'all?  What are your "best of's" so far this year?  Or, what books are you most anticipating?


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