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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Introducing Twirly Reads!

Remember that feeling when you were a brand-spankin'-new blogger and were getting your blog off the ground?  Remember the thrill of that first follower, or when the number hit 50, and then the high of seeing it climb to 100?  Maybe it was a year, or a month, or a week ago.  I know I'm still learning, and always looking to teach others and take advice.  Some days I STILL feel brand new to this wonderful community.

Today, I have the incredibly awesome honor of introducing one of my BEST friends, Katie, to the book blogging community.  She's amazing and I think she's going to have a great time here with us.  If anyone has just a few minutes, I'd be thrilled if you'd drop by her blog, maybe check out a post, or leave her a comment so that she can start getting to know the same generous, fantastic people I've met as a book blogger.

Thanks, y'all!


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