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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday - #32: I'd Love to Meet...

{ ++ } Hosted by the girls over at The Broke and the Bookish, this meme features a different theme every week, and hey, it's Tuesday - we've got the rest of the week ahead of us.  We all need a little fun, and who doesn't love the challenge of ranking their top 10 anything...especially when it comes to books?!  I know I do, hence why I thought it'd be fun to participate, and spice things up a little!

September 18: 
Top Ten Bookish People You Want To Meet (Authors, Bloggers, etc.) 

Ooh, this one is going to be FUN!


{ 1 } Marie from Ramblings of a Daydreamer.  Marie is SUPER awesome and supportive of my writing, plus we're LONG overdue for a Buffy marathon.  She's become a true friend in the last year and a half!

{ 2 } Suz from A Soul Unsung.  What can I say about Suz?  She's been one of my BFF's for almost five years now, and I'm hoping to FINALLY make it down her way this fall for a meet-up.  I adore this girl!

{ 3 } Kay from Twirly Reads.  Kay has seen me through some of the best parts of my life in recent years, as well as some of the worst.  She's the Katniss to my Gale.  She's one of the people I am truly, truly grateful to have in my life.  I love her more than I can say and it's a CRIME we live so far apart.

{ 4 } Jess from Thoughts at One in the Morning.  Really, I just need to make a trip to Canada so that Jess, Marie and I can all hang out.  Jess's blog is awesome and she's a ton of fun, and I think I owe her a Castle marathon!  

{ 5 }  I can't pick just 5 so... Mimi from Mimi Valentine, Anna from Literary Exploration, Evie from Bookish!


{ 6 } Anne Bishop.  She wrote the Black Jewels trilogy, and those books changed me, and the way I read books, and inspired me to always challenge myself in my reading and in my writing. 

{ 7 } Suzanne Collins.  The Hunger Games made me take notice of YA lit for the first time in years, other than being a casual reader.  If I hadn't read THG I don't think I'd have started my blog, or read as many AMAZING YA books as I have. 

{ 8 } Stephen King.  I'm not certain I've cried harder at ANY book than I did at a few of his.  I haven't read any of his newer books for years now because he broke me with his Dark Tower series.  In some ways, nothing will EVER compare to my experiences reading those books, and a few others. 

{ 9 } Jodi Picoult.  Even though if I met her, I'd probably bust out crying... I admire her SO much.  She's such a BRAVE author.  I feel ALL THE FEELINGS when I read her books. 

{ 10 } Lauren Oliver.  Ever since I read Before I Fall, I've been trying to think about how I treat others, and myself.  Nothing will ever come my way quite like that book, and I just wish I could meet her and thank her for writing it.

Your turn!  What made YOUR Top Ten this week?


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