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Monday, April 4, 2011

What's her story?

{ ++ } Evening, loves.  I wanted to give a little more info than my profile might reveal, and invite anyone who feels like sharing to do the same.  Basically, I want to get to know some of my new friends on here, but more importantly, let ya'll get to know me.

I was born three months premature, and I have lived my entire life in the middle of nowhere in Tennessee, USA.  Sometimes I rebel against being Southern; others, I revel in it.  I've often thought of running off to live in a bigger city, but then I wonder if I'd ever fit in there any better than I do here.  I have my oddities that often cause me to stick out like a sore thumb (I use too much British slang for my own good, seriously) and I get my share of interesting looks, but it's all part of the person I am - a person I like a great deal.

I often say, and believe, that I am a work in progress.  I didn't always get along so well with myself; in recent years though, I've really come to accept what makes me different, and work on smoothing out a few of my rough edges.  I've changed a lot and mostly consider myself a happy and positive-thinking person, who loves to laugh.  I try to think of each  new day as a gift, and a fresh start.

At heart I am a total geek.  From Battlestar Galactica to Terry Brooks, to Batman, I have all sorts of interest.  I follow several TV shows (The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Fringe, Doctor Who, and Bones) as often as I can, and I've had flings with a few others over the years (House, Buffy, Torchwood, Heroes.)  I love to read - hopefully that's obvious!  I read pretty much anything, and a book has to be truly bad for me to put it down unfinished.  I get a little carried away when I read, and it's sometimes all too easy for me to imagine myself in the world the author has created.

I blame that on the fact that I am a writer, through and through.  I have way too many characters.  I wake up some nights with thoughts for a new one.  My best friend and I have created two 'verses together, and we're constantly getting new ideas, and building new twists on old ones.  I get cranky when I go a long time without writing...so I try to write often!

Other than that, I work full time.  I spend as much time as I can with my friends and family.  I've got my eyes open for love when it comes along, and I think I'm going to be ready for my happily-ever-after (which I do believe I will get.)  I'm very hopeful and friendly, and when people least expect it, strongly opinionated. 

{ ++ } That's it, without me getting too embarrassingly rambly.  : )


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