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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Waiting on Wednesday: Close Your Eyes

{ ++ }  This weekly event/feature is graciously hosted by Jill of Breaking the Spine.  She's way too awesome, and put this event together in order to bring us bloggers together.  Some of us like me are relatively new; others have been here longer, but the gist of it is, we all need new friends!  Here's my pick this week.

 What would you risk to bring the truth to light?

On the night their mother was killed, Alex and Lauren were asleep in their backyard tree house. Their beloved father was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder. Twelve years later, Lauren is a real estate agent who can't believe in love, and Alex is still trying to understand what happened to shatter his idyllic childhood. Only one stranger, a pregnant woman on the run from her boyfriend in Colorado, holds the clues that can free Lauren and Alex. (synopsis from the author's site.)

@ amazon.com / @ goodreads.com
Publication date: 07/26/11

{ ++ } I first discovered Amanda Eyre Ward when I read How To Be Lost several years back, and since then, I've had a soft spot for her.  Her writing style was rather unique, and I easily found myself drawn into the stories she tells, and identifying with her characters.  I absolutely can't wait for this book, and I hope it brings her all the sucess she deserves!


audrey2011 said...

This book sounds great! The premise is great and I really like the cover.

20th follower yay!


Alison said...

This is new to me. It sounds like a great thriller/mystery.
My Twilight WOW

Jill said...

I'm excited about this one, too! And, I love your WoW intro :)

Molli said...

@ Jill - Yay, I am glad to find another Ward fan! I kinda get all giggly over the authors I love and their new books. :)

:D So tickled you stopped by!

Molli said...

@ Allison - I hope it will be. I will be sure to review it on here so we can find out if it is!

Going to check out your WOW post now!

Molli said...

@ Audrey - *grins* OMGYAYS! I appreciate the follow - #20! I'm hopping over to your blog now to check out your WOW post.

And yeah, if this book is anything like the other 2 I've read from the author, it should be fab. :)

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