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Friday, April 22, 2011

Follow Me Friday + Book Blogger Hop: 04/22/11

{ ++ } Follow Me Friday, aka "Follow My Book Blog" is probably the coolest meme I've come across in awhile.  It's hosted over at Parajunkee's View and us amazing book-a-holics get the chance to answer a reading-related question, as well as make new friends over the weekend.  It's a great way to kick off said weekend, and a really fun and easy way of stealing our way into the hearts of fellow book blogger's.

{ ++ } This week's featured blog is The Cait Files, authored by Caitlin!  Before I get to my answer to this week's question, ya'll be sure to check out her blog, as it's quite an honor to be the featured blog!

This week's question: What is on your current play list right now?

{ ++ }  Umm, what a question!  Depends on what, and in some cases, whose play list I am listening to.  As an avid writer, I have play lists for all my characters, so if I'm writing for Ashe, for example, his play list is up, etc.  Listening to "their" music helps me focus on staying in character (I have a loud family and it seems like they are always trying to pull me out of the moment.)  As far as music I'm into at the moment, that would be Florence & the Machine, and Adele, both on repeat, namely "Hurricane Drunk" and "Rolling in the Deep."

 { ++ } Hosted by Jennifer at Crazy-for-Books, what better way to allow us book bloggers to mix and mingle than a bit of a reading-related social?  Every week she hosts this event, where we can throw our names in the hat so to speak, and hopefully end up with a few new friends who share our interests and our love (and in my case, obsession) of books.

This week's question is from Christina at The Paperback Princess: If you find a book you love, do you hunt down other books by the same author?

{ ++ } Oh lordy, yes I do.  (We won't mention the Jodi Picoult incident of 2008 where I proceeded to feverishly buy up all of her books I could get my hands on... or the Jessica Andersen incident of 2011... haha).  But no seriously, when I fall really and truly for an author to the point that he/she leaves a huge impression on me, their books move me...yes.  Yes by all means, I seek out any and everything of theirs I can find, and eagerly await new releases.  It's a huge pleasure for me, finding a "new favorite" author!

{ ++ } That's a wrap for this time, but ya'll remember how much I love new friends, right?  I may not be able to be around much this weekend, due to plans tomorrow and Easter with the family on Sunday, so much love to everyone, and happy weekend and a happy holiday to those who celebrate!