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Friday, April 8, 2011

Follow Me Friday: 04/08/11

{ ++ } Follow Me Friday, aka "Follow My Book Blog" is probably the coolest meme I've come across in awhile.  It's hosted over at Parajunkee's View and us amazing book-a-holics get the chance to answer a reading-related question, as well as make new friends over the weekend.  It's a great way to kick off said weekend, and a really fun and easy way of stealing our way into the hearts of fellow book blogger's.

{ ++ } This week's featured blog is Lesley over at "My Keeper Shelf."  Before I get to my answer to this week's question, ya'll be sure to check out her space.  :)

This week's question: do you judge a book by its cover?

Yes and no.  I have done this before in wondering: do I want to read it, or should I leave it alone?  Some of the best romance books I've read have had those covers - you know, the kind you stuff in between your other purchases so the cashier doesn't look too long at the cover?   I've passed by books because of their covers, (and sometimes come back for them) and I've chosen books based on the blurbs from other authors on the cover/s.  I can say that I've been swayed toward a book because of the design on the cover, but ultimately, the cover isn't what I usually make my decision on; normally, I read the description, and at least a page or two of the book itself before I decide.  But I have fallen prey to the old "judging a book by its cover" a time or two. 

{ ++ } That's it for this week.  If you find your way here, then I say hello, and welcome, and I truly hope you enjoy your stay!


Phantom Paragrapher said...

New Follower . www.thephantomparagrapher.blogspot.com

Black Disaster Fairy said...

I think we all judge a book, whether we want to or not. As long as there are words to paint a new world for me I'm happy.

Please Stop by, I'm starting a new with a fresh look.  Let me know what you think.

New Follower :)

Black Disaster Fairy
A World of Personality

Alison said...

Hopping through. I've fallen prey to good covers too, but the synopsis is usually the most important part.
My Hop
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bex said...

Really nice blog there! I'm a late hopper and a new follower! :)

I also love this event! I just found it yesterday and have found so many wonderful blogs already!

I do look at the covers a lot at first glance while browsing for books, since that's what makes me interested in knowing more. I never buy a book only based on that though, but the description and storyline is what finally makes the decision.

Ny FF can be found here!

My keeper shelf said...

Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my blog My Keeper shelf its much appreciated. I am now your newest follower. Your blog is really pretty I love it.

Molli said...

@ Phantom Photographer - I appreciate your stopping by! I followed you back. I love finding fellow The Vampire Diaries lovers. :)

Molli said...

@ Black Disaster Fairy - Wow, your blog is kinda gorgeous! I followed you, and look forward to discussing much with you! :)

Molli said...

@ Bex - Aww thank you chica! I appreciate the compliment and I LOVE new followers. And yeah, FF is just too cool. I'm so impressed with some of the fun meme's I've stumbled onto1

Exactly, that's me too. The covers grab me but there has to be something else to it to make me buy the book.

I'm going to check out your FF post and blog now! :)

Molli said...

@ Lesley - Thanks to you for stopping by! :D

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