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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday - #46: Top Ten Best Bookish Memories

{ ++ } Hosted by the girls over at The Broke and the Bookish, this meme features a different theme every week, and hey, it's Tuesday - we've got the rest of the week ahead of us.  We all need a little fun, and who doesn't love the challenge of ranking their top 10 anything...especially when it comes to books?!  I know I do, hence why I thought it'd be fun to participate, and spice things up a little!

February 5: Top Ten Best Bookish Memories (waiting in line for a new release, meeting an author, or some sort of great experience with a particular book that was unlike others)

1.  Armchair BEA 2012!  It was a lot of fun getting out there, meeting new bloggers, and talking books and blogging.  I really hope to go to BEA itself in 2014!

2.  This is an oldie taking y'all back to my days in elementary school.  My BFF and I used to get samesies from the library and race each other to see who could read the most during free reading time.  That's when I first read Little Women - fourth grade!  

3. Getting to know various authors on Twitter, like Kathleen Peacock, and chatting with several of the 2013 debut authors, like Mindee Arnette, Erin Bowman, Steph Kuehn, and Amy Tintera!  Now their books are getting ready to be released, and it's super surreal!  HOLLA!

4.  Reading The Archived by Victoria Schwab.  (You can read my review here if you like.)  It was so beautiful.  From the moment I started reading this book, I had tears in my eyes.  I'm not sure if it was just the perfect timing and the perfect book, or what, but...I can't recommend this book enough.  

** Edit: Getting to MEET Victoria Schwab.  I wish I could put into words just how much she inspires me.  I talked a little about meeting her here, but you guys...when I stepped into the room and she was THERE, I was a little bit choked up for a minute.  How was I EVER going to know what to say to her other than "duuuurrrrr."  As it turned out, it was one of the best, coolest, most geek-heaven moments EVER when I did meet her.  **

5.  Getting my FIRST EVER ARC in 2011 for Half-Blood.  That was an amazing feeling, and I will forever champion Spencer Hill Press because of it!

6. Reading Time Between Us by Tamara Ireland Stone.  Again, I may have just read this book exactly when the timing was right, but it meant so much to me, and it felt like it healed a small place in me.  

7.  Getting back in touch with one of my best friends, Suz, who blogs at A Soul Unsung.  We had drifted apart but when we started blogging around the same time, it helped repair our relationship, and that's been awesome.

8.  Being asked to co-blog at my side project, A Dash of YA.  I'm working on being more active there, but it's been a lot of fun getting to know Erica, Komal, and Michelle!  They're all so talented and fun.  

9.  Getting approved for my first EVER galley from HarperTeen - Sweet Evil by Wendy Higgins.  I was literally shaking when I got the package with it in it!  And I think I did an impromptu happy dance, even though I, in no way, should EVER dance. 

10.  And last but NOT least...um, MEETING ALL OF Y'ALL!  Getting to talk books, tv shows, music, and other awesome things here and on Twitter with my lovely blogging peeps!      

Honorable mention: Spending so much time at the library as a kid and teen.  I think I want to do a whole post on this next time I've been back there, and snapped some pictures.  The children's room was like entering a whole new world - literally - and my hours spent wandering and finding books were so fundamental.  I learned to love reading there, and it was my sanctuary as a teen when things in my world weren't so great.  I am so so glad to have had my time there.   

Tell me about YOUR favorite bookish moments and memories! 


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