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Friday, February 8, 2013

Becoming A Better Blogger - #2: My Blogging Goals

Becoming A Better Blogger is a new series at Once Upon a Prologue; it's a combination of my feature If I Could Writer A Letter To Me, (inspired by Jamie at The Perpetual Page Turner) and my own thoughts on a chilly winter night.  Becoming A Better Blogger is about the things I've learned while blogging, the advice I've received, and about shedding lesser versions of myself - from the first growing pains of becoming a new blogger, to where I am now, and all the growth I hope to do.  As always, discussion is encouraged and welcomed!

Becoming A Better Blogger - #2: My Blogging Goals

In keeping with my goals for 2013 to get back to the basics with reading (read more of what I want, when I want...don't over-commit myself like I did in 2012,) I wanted to re-affirm to myself the reasons I started this blog, what I want Once Upon a Prologue to be about and to stand for, and where I hope to go with it.  I've found my mind set changing lately, and I'm really battling to combat my "blogger jealousy."  It hurts when I see blogs that haven't been around as long as I have but who have 2,000+ followers, because sure, I'd like to be there.  I love EVERY one of my followers, but would like to have more, to reach that next plateau.

But that isn't why I started blogging, and it isn't why I'm continuing.  So I'm making this post to remind myself, and to get back in touch with that younger blogging self who started this blog with high hopes, huge dreams, and no expectations. I don't ever want to lose sight of her.

This post is partially to hold myself accountable, and partially to inspire others, and mostly to keep a record of my goals and thoughts.

  • I will never let blogging become a chore or something I dread doing.  It will always be fun.
  • If I feel burned out, or like I need a break, I will step back for awhile and tell myself it's okay to do so.
  • I will focus more on building relationships with my fellow bloggers than on being envious of them.
  • I will focus on having readers, not just followers. 
  • I will cherish every single follower/reader.
  • I will make interacting with my followers a priority.
  • I will host more authors on the blog and continue to support indie authors.
  • I will read more of what I want to read, and be careful not to over-commit myself. 
  • I will reach out to the blogging community as much as I can, since I am very thankful for them.
  • I will be honest in every single post.
  • I will not let anyone else determine how or what I blog.
  • I will provide thoughtful discussion posts and features.
  • I will be open to providing new bloggers advice!

Do you have a post like this?   What are YOUR blogging goals and resolutions?


Rebekah Campbell said...

Love your goals, Molli. I think they're the same way that other bloggers including myself feel. Especially when it comes to being envious of other bloggers follower counts.
One that I'll hope to work on is to pay the love forward to other blogs more often :)

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