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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Once Upon a Book Haul - #23

Inspired by all the book-haul memes I've seen floating around (and mostly accredited to Stacking the Shelves) Once Upon A Book Haul is my own version of a book haul/round-up here at Once Upon A Prologue.  It's a fun way for me to show off the books I've begged, borrowed, or stolen - and in a rare case, actually bought!  I love showing off my pretty new books, be they ARCS I'll pass on or books I'll keep just as much as I do seeing what y'all have added to YOUR collection, so be sure to leave me a link to YOUR haul in the comments so we can squee together over our new books!  (It's totally not embarrassing if we're squee'ing together in case y'all didn't know...)

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Books Mentioned

For Review

The Goddess Inheritance by Aimee Carter { Add it on Goodreads }
Dance of Shadows by Yelena Black { Add it on Goodreads }
If You Find Me by Emily Murdoch { Add it on Goodreads }
Going Vintage by Lindsey Leavitt  { Add it on Goodreads }
Me, Him, Them, and It by Caela Carter  { Add it on Goodreads }
The Mad Scientist's Daughter by Cassandra Clarke { Add it on Goodreads
Flawed by Kate Avelyn { Add it on Goodreads }
Hooked by Liz Fichera { Add it on Goodreads }
Also Known As by Robin Benway { Add it on Goodreads }
Poison by Bridget Zinn  { Add it on Goodreads }


The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor { Add it on Goodreads }
Lover Reborn by J.R. Ward { Add it on Goodreads }
Live Through This by Mindi Scott  { Add it on Goodreads } (Also I just got a beautiful bookmark from Mindi - thank you!)

* Thanks to Disney Hyperion, Bloomsbury/Walker, St Martin's Press, Harlequin Teen, and Entangled Teen for these review copies! *

Note: My reader/follower survey is up here; I'd love your input and advice for the blog, and how you think I'm doing!

What lovely new books were added to YOUR shelves this week?  Be sure to leave me a link to YOUR wrap-up/book haul posts so I can comment!



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