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Friday, December 14, 2012

Discussion Post - Where New Blogger Should Start

What should a new blogger blog about? - Anonymous

It can definitely be extremely challenging, starting a blog, and thinking it's going to be a great adventure...then getting stumped about what to write about.  When I first started Once Upon a Prologue, all I knew was that I wanted to talk about books, but I didn't realize there were SO many ways in which to do it: reviews, memes, discussion posts, book haul videos/posts, features, etc.  I just dove in, and then found myself wading through things I liked, and didn't like, to find my own way after awhile.  I'm constantly coming up with new ideas - some I reject, some I love, and am working at getting off the ground; although, it's hard to feel original when every meme has a dozen variations, and I'm late to the game with some books.  But I still try, and so I wanted to point out a few great ways to start out as a blogger.

  • Reviews.  Reviews are one of the posts that I work the hardest on.  I'm changing around my format a bit, in the interest of keeping things fresh.  Reviews are a wonderful way to really put yourself out there.  I've written some incredibly honest and emotional reviews that I'm very proud of, and I like to think that I put a lot of myself into my reviews.  Is there any "rule" of what YOUR review has to look like or contain?  Of course not!  Just do what feels right to YOU, whether it's a four paragraph or one paragraph review,  a starred rating system or a custom one like mine.  A review is all about YOUR thoughts and style - and no one else's.
  • Memes.   These are a FANTASTIC way to get out there and meet your fellow bloggers.  Some of my favorites are Top Ten Tuesday, and Waiting On Wednesday, as both are fun and easy to participate in, and are popular.  There's also Teaser Tuesday, and several others.  I had a ball discovering these memes, going around, seeing who else was doing them, and that's how I met a few of my favorite bloggers.  BUT.  Be careful not to fill your blog up with ONLY memes (more on that in an upcoming post.)
  • Features.  I've tried a few that haven't worked, and have found some that have.  I love coming up with original ideas - something that no one else is doing, or if it's similar, something I can put my own spin on and make my own.   I'm proud of my Shelved, for example.  But I'm always looking for things to set me apart from other bloggers.  
  • Discussion posts - like these!  They're a fabulous way of interacting with your followers, getting talks going about all things literary and blogging, AND meeting new people!  I've opened up the floor to suggestions and questions and have been super pleased with the response I've gotten.
  • Giveaways.  These are another thing you don't want to have your blog be ALL about (some people view giveaways as "buying" followers), but these can be a fun way of thanking your followers for sticking around!
  • Hops like Follow Friday.  This kinda goes in the meme category, but Follow Friday is also about getting out there, meeting new bloggers.  I got in a bit of trouble with the "follow for a follow," in that I followed WAY more blogs than I could keep up with, but I still appreciate every single one of those followers.  If you want a fun and quick way of finding new followers, this could be for you.

 Was there something I missed in this post?   Just want to join in the discussion with your own thoughts?  Please do!  And if you have a blogging question, please ask it here and I’ll do my best to answer it!


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