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Friday, November 23, 2012

Discussion Post - Shaking a Reading Slump

What do you do when you get into a reading funk and you don't feel like reading anymore? Any tips or tricks you use to get out of the funk and back into reading? – Katie

Ugh, reading slumps are just AWFUL.  It's wild how one week, I can be excited to read ALL THE BOOKS, then the next, not want to read anything at all.  It's also a huge inconvenience, considering with the blog, I have certain books I have to read by a certain time to have reviews, guest posts, etc ready!  So what do I do when NOTHING seems appealing to read?

  • Try a book from a genre I haven't read in awhile.  If I've had my fill of YA contemporary, I might pick up a YA fantasy book, or even a women's fiction, or an adult paranormal romance - something different to jolt my reading bug awake.
  • Read a book I've been wanting to get to for forever.  Deadline or no, sometimes what I *should* be reading just isn't working.  So the best thing sometimes it to pick up that new Jodi Picoult that I bought a year ago and never read...or that Kimberly Derting book I *had* to have, but haven't yet read.
  • Read an old favorite.  There's a reason why Anne Bishop and Richelle Mead's books will NEVER EVER leave my bookshelf.  (I recently donated about 150 books to the library...but there were some books I just literally couldn't part with.)  These are my "comfort" books, my favorite books, along with a few other amazing authors.  They're the books that I can come home to when nothing else is as good, or seems like something I'll want to read.  They're the books that I've swooned over the most, and the longest.  
  • Do something else.  Get up and go work out, or start a writing project, or watch a movie to get inspired.  DO SOMETHING to tap into your creativity.  
Your turn!  What do YOU do to escape a reading slump?   Was there something I missed in this post?  Have a general blogging question?  Let me know here and I'll answer it!


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