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Friday, November 30, 2012

2012 Reader/Follower Survey

Wow!  It's hard to believe that 2012 is winding down to a close.  This has been an amazing year for my blog - I hit 1200 followers, and 100,000 page views.  I've participated in guest posts, blog tours, and cover reveals (the last mainly on my blog's Facebook page).  I've gotten some really sweet and helpful blog comments, and seen my returning visitors percentage go up, which puts a smile on my face. 

But I am always looking for ways to improve.  So if you could take about 5 minutes or so and take this survey for me, I'd REALLY appreciate it.  Comments are anonymous unless you choose to leave your name, so be honest, and be a part of the future direction of Once Upon a Prologue!

Thanks, y'all, and happy reading!

(If for some reason you have trouble with the form, go here to fill it out!)


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