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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Discussion Post - Commenting And Getting Comments In Return

How about how to get people to comment on your posts regularly? - Michelle 

That is a fabulous question! For the longest time when I started blogging, I was clueless about the blogging world, much less how in the world to get anyone to come to my blog and comment.  Over the last year and a half, I've found a few things that work for me, so that's what I'll share today.  Again, these are just the things - I - do and that seem to have good results.  

  •  Leave meaningful comments on other's blogs.  If you're having a giveaway, it's fine to talk it up on Twitter, but NOT okay to comment on someone's review with a simple, "great review, come check out my giveaway."  Instead, whatever type of post you're commenting on - Waiting On Wednesday, review, discussion post - you should leave a response that has something to say about what you just read. Tell them WHY you liked their review, add something to what they had to say.  People will notice and appreciate this.  
  • Make your blog posts engaging.  End them with a question  - ask your readers what they thought about your review, or if it's a meme, ask them how they feel about the book you're waiting on.  If it's  book haul post, ask them to leave a link back to their blog.  Interact with them!
  • When someone comments on one of my posts (unless it's a giveaway), I go to THEIR blog and leave a comment on a post of theirs.  I always try to thank them for visiting my blog, as well.  That way they know that I truly appreciate them visiting mine - because I really, really do.  I don't consider myself a "famous" blogger or anything, but I love that my readership is still growing!
  • Be social on Twitter and Facebook.  I've been using my blog's Facebook page more, and I always try to chat with my followers on Twitter.  I can't follow everyone back who follows me, but I REALLY appreciate them taking the time to follow me, so I try to be outgoing and friendly there, and talk about my current posts/etc.  
 Your turn!  What works for YOU in drawing readers to your blog?    Is there something I didn't cover in this post that you'd like to see in another post?  Have a general blogging question you'd like me to cover?  Let me know HERE


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