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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Review: Goddess Interrupted by Aimee Carter

Goddess Interrupted by Aimee Carter
Expected publication: March 27, 2012 (Harlequin Teen)
Pages: 304
Series or stand-alone: Goddess Test (2)
Source: E-ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review
Rating: Squee-worthy
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Kate Winters has won immortality.

But if she wants a life in the Underworld with Henry, she’ll have to fight for it.

Becoming immortal wasn’t supposed to be the easy part. Though Kate is about to be crowned Queen of the Underworld, she’s as isolated as ever. And despite her growing love for Henry, ruler of the Underworld, he’s becoming ever more distant and secretive. Then, in the midst of Kate’s coronation, Henry is abducted by the only being powerful enough to kill him: the King of the Titans.

As the other gods prepare for a war that could end them all, it is up to Kate to save Henry from the depths of Tartarus. But in order to navigate the endless caverns of the Underworld, Kate must enlist the help of the one person who is the greatest threat to her future.

Henry’s first wife, Persephone.

My Review

Picking up six months after the end of The Goddess Test, Aimee Carter's Goddess Interrupted pulls readers effortlessly back into the lives of Kate Winters and Henry, the tormented Hades, God of the Underworld.  Kate returns to Eden Manor and to Henry's realm riddled with understandable nerves and uncertainties.  Though Kate is destined for immortality, and though she knows how she feels about Henry, the normally strong female isn't sure yet what he feels about her.  And it doesn't help that Henry seems to be pulling away from her.  With a mix of action and strong emotional ties to the familiar characters, Aimee Carter does a fabulous job of setting the stage for her second novel.

Diving almost immediately into the heart of the novel, Goddess Interrupted is almost a breathless read.  From the first pages when it becomes clear that trouble is brewing, to the frustrating (in a good way!) cliffhanger, Aimee Carter doesn't let up.  Goddess Interrupted packs several punches, whether it's a new twist in the storyline, or a new layer revealed of Kate, Henry, James, Ava, or even...Persephone.  Henry's first wife has a pivotal role to play in Goddess Interrupted, and Kate's half-sister is definitely a feisty, vivacious character - one I won't soon forget.  She and Kate are fascinating foils for one another; although at first, one would think they have nothing in common over the course of Goddess Interrupted, while their differences become evident, so do their similarities, and I loved the little character studies we got of the two women.  

Goddess Interrupted was a really quick, fun read.  In some ways, because there was so much action happening at every turn, it wasn't quite as emotional for me as The Goddess Test was, while in other ways, it was even MORE heart-wrenching.  This time, with Persephone back, Kate's fears that Henry is still in love with her are never more abundant.  As usual, I wanted to shake Henry, then immediately hug him.  For someone who has lived so long, at times Henry is SO clueless and such a guy.  He and Kate are adorable and just twisty enough to satisfy my tastes when it comes to couples; there's definitely a delicious, yet intense tension between them, and I, for one, will always be a fan of theirs.  

Aimee Carter sets the stage very, very nicely for the follow up book, and the wait will definitely be torturous.  It's safe to say that there is a LOT going on in Goddess Interrupted, both within Kate and around her.  It was fascinating seeing the lengths she would go to, to save Henry and her friends, proving once again why I love Kate - that she's an amazing character - self-reliant, brave, and strong.  And yet with all this happening, I was slightly disappointed with the storyline with Persephone - not the character herself, because I am actually rather fond of her, but with Henry's actions toward her and feelings.  

If you were a fan of The Goddess Test, I would definitely suggest you read Goddess Interrupted.  Be prepared to laugh, to tear up, and mostly, to be absolutely riveted.  I read this book in one sitting and it will likely be the same for you!

Further Thoughts

Have you read Goddess interrupted?  Are you, like me, twitching for the sequel?!  What's your favorite aspect of the books so far, or your favorite character? 


NerdGirls said...

Oh, I have to agree with you on so many parts. I actually read this book in one sitting because I couldn't put it down!

The ending made me gasp and now we have to wait even longer for the next one to come out. Gah!

Great review!

Jenny at Books to the Sky

Ems said...

I feel like I need to let out a long-held breath now. Most of my friends haven't liked it, so I'm SUPER glad to read this and find that you did! I'm starting just as soon as I finish Spellcaster and now I'm more excited. Thanks!

Asher_Knight said...

Okay, I'm definitely going to try to go into Goddess Interrupted with a more open mind. I didn't really enjoy the first book, but I requested the second because I was curious, and I'm following what my gut is telling me and reading this one. Your review just intensified that feeling. And I trust what you had to say because it wasn't perfection to you but you managed to love so many things about it anyway. I'm just hoping the Persephone angle won't ruin the story for me, somehow...


Mimi Valentine said...

YAY! You know you're crazy excited to read a book when you're giddy from reading a review about it -- I can't wait to get my hands on this sequel!!! I LOVE that Goddess Interrupted made you have such mixed emotions (in a good way!). All the reviews I've read so far have mentioned Henry being frustrating, but I agree with you wholeheartedly that he's also very adorable! ;)

Absolutely amazing review, Molli! <3 Waiting for this book to come out might do me in, but your positive thoughts on it are making it that much more bearable! Thanks so much! :)

Giselleco said...

EEEP I still have to read Goddess Test! Especially after seeing how good the sequel is I love mythology. Plus these covers are awesome!! Great review!! :D

Lisa said...

I really enjoyed this one! I felt like strangling Henry half the time but....well, that second half was gold :P *squeals* So much more exciting than TGT - I'm DYING for the next book. Cruel cliffy, much?! Great review!

Kate said...

I love how we keep reading the same books! Thank you NetGalley. lol

I completely agree with you about Henry being clueless and such a guy. I wanted to yell at both of them for not freaking talking to each other the entire time.

And that ending! "Setting the stage very, very nicely for the followup book" – understatement of the year! Haha.

Great review!

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