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Friday, March 2, 2012

Once Upon a Blogger - #2: Michelle from Oh! For the Love of Books

Because connecting doesn't stop at the "follow" button

{ ++ } Once Upon a Blogger is a new feature I've started here at Once Upon a Prologue.  Each month (provided there's an ongoing interest!) I will feature one of my fellow bloggers (preferably a follower of mine) in an interview series designed to get to know my followers better, and also to spotlight other book bloggers.  I want to know who my followers are, beyond a name, and I want to put myself out there so y'all can know me better, too. 

{ ++ } This month's feature is Michelle From Oh!  For the Love of Books.  Michelle is an AWESOME blogging buddy - she invited me to join my first ever blog hop last year, and always posts thoughtful reviews and such at her blog.  She's really passionate, so check out her answers, then go show her blog some love!

I love teaching high school English. I hope one day to be a successful writer! I am addicted to whatever catches my fancy!

Find Michelle online: Facebook | Goodreads

{ ++ } Why did you start your book blog?

My first intentions were not to have a book blog. To be honest my friend started a blog and I was like: Hey! I want to do that!” It took me a few months and some blog surfing to realize that there was a whole world of book blogs out there. And I again said: “Hey! I want to do that!”  I love reading and it gave me a purpose to having a blog.

{ ++ } If you can accomplish one thing with your blog, what would it be? 

I really want to make a name for myself among book bloggers and readers. I like the idea that though someone may not agree with me, they think my opinion is honest and logical.

{ ++ } Do you have a “comfort zone” genre, or do you read a bit of everything?  If you have that comfort zone, do you tend to push yourself out of it from time to time, or does it take others recommending a book to you to do that?

 I am a paranormal YA junkee. Straight up. I will step out of my comfort zone if I get a recommendation from a book friend. A book friend is someone that I have built a reading relationship with.  I trust these people so when they do say I should read something, I know it is good. Also I’m a fictional floozy - if the book has a hottie - I'm extra happy at the end of a good book.

{ ++ } What is the one book or series that means the most to you, and why?

The Vampire Academy series is one that I loved. I loved Rose from the very beginning. I wanted to be here. I found myself in some of her qualities. But I loved the world that Mead created as well. It was a new twist for vampires - as a society. And through Rose and the world, I “cared” for the other characters. I cried for all of them. I laughed a lot. I was happy how it ended.

{ ++ } Is there something you thought was true about book blogging that you’ve since found out isn’t?

That keeping up with it would be easy. SO NOT EASY!

{ ++ } What do you think the book blogging community needs more – or less – of?

I am going to be Switzerland. There are so many different blogs out there based on genre, level, style - I mean there is something for everyone! I think you just need to decide what you are looking for and google it or blog hop!

{ ++ } What is your favorite memory so far of book blogging?

When I got my first follower. I was like: "Wow someone thinks I have something to say! Awesome!”

{ ++ } If you could only read one genre for the foreseeable future, what would it be and why? 

Paranormal. I like the freaky.

{ ++ } Tell me your favorite book quote, be it one that makes you laugh, inspires you, etc.

 “Because it is my name! Because I cannot have another in my life! Because I lie and sign myself to lies! Because I am not worth the dust on the feet of them that hang! How may I live without my name? I have given you my soul; leave me my name!”

― Arthur Miller, The Crucible  - I think it hits home because I don’t think people understand how important your name is - how it identifies you.

{ ++ } Is there any certain book character you consider your favorite, or perhaps one who you felt a kinship with, someone who inspires you every time you think of them?

 John Proctor from The Crucible is probably my favorite character. I’m an English teacher and I use this play every year and every year I admire John Proctor for dying at the end and I understand that he made a mistake. I love that he fights for his wife and his friends. Some honroable mentions: Rose from The Vampire Academy series, Tris and Four from Divergent, and Will from The Infernal Devices.

{ ++ } Is there any book you reread every so often, just because?  Or a series that is your “go-to” rec when a friend is wanting something new/different to read?

I am in the process of rereading The Vampire Academy series and it is typically what I recommend to my students.  Another “go-to” is Unwind by Neal Shusterman. Have you read it? You should. Go.

{ ++ } Talk about any author/s who have really gotten hold of your heart, changed the way you thought about reading…really made a lasting impression on you. 
NEAL SHUSTERMAN! I have read four of his books and they always start a bit slow for me and then page 30, I’m sucked in and I will not stop reading. His novel, Unwind, the end, OMG, it’s redic. awesome. I was with a friend as I read the end and she told me I was acting like a guppy because my face kept falling open.

This or That

{ ++ } Dance in the snow or in the rain?  It’s hard to dance in snow - so I pick rain
{ ++ } E-book or real book? Real book - I like to cuddle with them.
{ ++ } Staying up late or sleeping in? I like to go to bed early and I like to get up early. I get stuff done.
{ ++ } Summer or Winter? Summer - b/c I don’t have to work :)

Odds & Ends

{ ++ } You’re stranded on a deserted island.  You can have one book, one CD/album and one item of luxury (ie soap, chocolate, etc).  What three do you choose? Can I bring my NOOK? Oh! Wait no charger - um,  What about Box’s sets? No? OK! UM?!  Unwind, Adele’s recent CD, and shampoo.
{ ++ } Favorite pastime outside of reading? I actually am an aspiring writer so I do a lot of that. I really enjoy the release but I also love to hang out with my collie (Lady Fergilious) and Italian Mastiff (Mia). They are pretty funny and they also relax me from a long day.
{ ++ } Your top 5 favorite movies, in no certain order? Dirty Dancing, Robin Hood Prince of Thieves, Pretty Woman (Take care of you!), The Crucible with Daniel Day Lewis (sigh), and White Christmas with Bing Crosby.
{ ++ } The song that’s currently stuck in your head? God Gave Me You by Blake Shelton  (Molli's note: I also love this song!)
{ ++ } Summarize your book blog, Tweet style (140 characters or less!) - Well, you’re going to see my sense of humor - mostly directed at myself. I post about YA, paranormal, and my expereinces as a writer.
{ ++ } Name one book you’re “saving for a rainy day.”  Cinder.  (Molli's note: this is such a fast-paced GOOD book, I could see it being perfect to read on a rainy day, or just to save up for that day/night you're wanting something sci-fi/awesome.)

{ ++ } Thanks Michelle!  I loved having you on the blog today.  Everyone be sure to check out Oh! For the Love of books. And if YOU want to be a part of Once Upon a Blogger, simply send me an email at courageousgrace (at) gmail (dot) com and let me know! 


Jules Ablaw said...

I love features like this! :D

Great Q and A! - my hubby says I always cuddle my books too :)


Arianne Cruz said...

Oh my gosh, I'm gonna follow her right now because her answer to the fave series is Vampire Academy! hehe :)

Michelle @ OFTLOB said...

Thanks girl! It was great to "stop" by! Loved your side notes!

Benji Kenworthy said...

Awesome interview! I haven't read her blog, but I'm going to start NOW!

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