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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Unplanned hiatus; aka where I've been

{ ++ } Fourth of July night after the fireworks a huge storm knocked out my family's TV and Internet. Which, as ya'll can probably imagine, has been, well, miserable. I'm not sure I realized how used to being online a little bit every day I was until this forced "unplugging." It's been stressing in a way, but also kind of relaxing. But I wanted to let everyone know I am very much still here.  I have a lot of posts I've missed, not getting to my normal meme's this week, that I'll just have to start anew with next week.  I have two reviews I hope to be able to write up to post whenever I am back online (negotiating with the 'net provider...fun fun.) 

{ ++ } I also wanted to say hi there to my new followers.  I am thankful for each and every one of you - for the book recs, the love, and the memes, as well as your nice comments here and your thoughtful and inspiring reviews.  I can't wait to be "back," and interacting with everyone!

{ ++ } I'm working on a little feature I want to introduce here, just a weekly recap where I link to awesome giveaways I've noticed, maybe talk about anything exciting in the book world, mention a new movie I've seen, and take just a minute to share a bit about the girl behind the blog.  As soon as I have a name, I'll roll it out.  Hope to see everyone then!