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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"Why I Love" Wednesday: #2

{ ++ } Why I Love Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by the fabulous Alexis at Reflections of a Bookaholic.  (If you don't know her, go follow her blog, mm'kay?!)  Each week Alexis picks a topic for book bloggers to highlight.  The only rule?  Show some MASSIVE love to the recipient of her weekly topic. 

Why I Love...a book hero/heroine

{ ++ } Is It okay if I'm a little wordy?  I want to tackle a couple different aspects of this question.  :)

First of all, I have qualities I like in my lead males/females.  (Personally I prefer stubborn, snarly alpha males and kick-ass females.  HEE.)  Seriously though, it really irks me on a deep down fundamental level when the female heroine is the type to continually doubt herself, or even worse, measures her self-worth judging by what her significant other thinks of her.  (This was one of my biggest issues with Twilight, and why it makes my skin crawl.)  I want my lead females to be self-aware and honest with themselves.  Everyone has quirks and issues, and a lot of times that can make a character feel more real.  But she needs to have a personality and a bit of spunk to her, please and thanks.  

Guys, guys I really do think there is something oh-so-appealing about alpha males.  I just generally like guy characters who are good at heart if a little tortured, but again, they need to have a personality and some strength of character.  And to me, hero/heroine well, those terms imply (to me) that the male/female has some courage to them, some grit, and is able to, at some point in the book, act heroically. 

Now.  As for why I love certain heroes/heroines in particular, I'll talk about one or two, then I'll stop rambling.  Promise.  :)

Favorite heroines: Katniss EverdeenGemma DoyleHermione Granger.  Why I love them: they're different.  They're rebels in their own way, even if it means acting beyond the restraints of their time (in Gemma's case), starting a rebellion (Katniss), or daring to be unique (Hermione).  

Favorite heroes: KvotheRand al'Thor Dirk Provin.  Why I love them: they're all badass in their own ways; some of them know it (Kvothe), some don't (Rand) and some know it and use it (Dirk.)  But it's more than that.  They all have a desire to right a wrong done either to them or to those that they love.  I get all swoon-y over Kvothe, especially.  He's a smartass but I just adore him.  

{ ++ } What about y'all?  I'm forgetting so many I love, but I had to find a way of limiting myself...or we'd be here all day.  :D  What about you guys?  Who are your favorite heroes and heroines?