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Monday, November 28, 2011

Introducting new feature: Once Upon a Blogger

Because connecting doesn't stop at the "follow" button

{ ++ } With your interest and help, each month  I will feature a fellow blogger in Once Upon a Blogger (name help goes out to Suz at A Soul Unsung!)  Hopefully this interview feature will be a really fun way of getting to know my followers.  I want y'all to know that I adore each and every one of you, and that I really am interested in getting to know y'all.  And there are a couple of goals.  1) Maybe you want more exposure for your blog?  This is one way.  2) Who doesn't love being featured, and getting to be in the spotlight for a chance?  3) There are more and more GREAT book blogs out there, and none of us can discover them all.  4) There is nothing wrong with self-promotion, when it is done the right/tasteful way - you might as well get the word out about your blog!  So I am hoping that I'll find some terrific candidates for this feature in order to spread the word and the love about upcoming bloggers.  I can't promise you new followers, but I can promise you a fun interview, and that I will encourage others to come and check out your blog! 

{ ++ } The other day, I started thinking about my blog: where it is, where I want to take it.  If I gain more followers, then that is amazing.  There is nothing that lights up my day like blog comments, people coming by to follow, participating in my giveaways, etc.  But I don't want my blog to grow solely through the "follow for a follow" mentality.  It's easy enough to click the "follow" button.  It's more difficult to keep coming back and staying in touch with that blogger.  So  I want my blog to be about more than that, to be about this blogging family that I've stumbled into this year.  I simply don't have the time to follow everyone who follows my blog; but what I CAN do, is find ways to reach out to y'all.  To say "hello," and "thank you."  

{ ++ } I want you guys - yes YOU - to be involved.  I want to promote a sense of camaraderie between us bloggers.  We are the few and the rare who GET one another, so we need to stick together, and to grow closer, starting now.  All I ask that you do in order to participate is send me an email at courageousgrace (at) gmail (dot) com, so that I can get an idea of who is interested.  I'd like to kick off this feature in January, 2012, so I will be talking more about it before then, but I'll love y'all forever if you help me make this feature a success.