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Sunday, March 20, 2011

latest & greatest: the darkest secret

 While exploring a few other blogs today, I stumbled across a great idea, which basically boils down to me squee'ing over books that are due out soon, that I cannot wait to get my hands on.  Some of these are ones I will be able to read right away; others are ones I am a ways off of reading, but that nevertheless, have my heart beating a little faster in anticipation. 

I don't know how often I'll do this, but like I said, I thought the idea was cool, and it might draw some good attention to authors who some of you have never tried before. 

I'm tentatively calling this "feature", "latest and greatest."  The name may change if I think of something cooler, but here we go.  :)

(image from amazon.com)
Goodreads page (to avoid spoilers)
Publication date: March 29, 2011

Gena Showalter writes paranormal romance, and while yes, the romance is at times a little "hot and heavy," what I like best about this series is that the romances are not the primary focus.  There is a plot here.  A good, solid plot that builds with every book, becoming more intricate.  A band of immortal warriors who opened the mythical Pandora's box were each cursed to house a demon (defeat, secrets, pain).  Suffice to say, they do not lead normal lives.  And the quest they are engaged in - finding Pandora's box to atone for their sins - only ramps up the danger, yet each book tells the story of one of the warriors, and how through finding love, they learn to survive their demons.  

So yes, the plot works.  Showalter finds new angles to spin it in, with each book.  And another thing I adore is that the same characters we met in the first few books are in the most recent ones.  It's not a case of, character A had his/her book, so now they're relegated to the shadows.  Far from it.  Just because a couple found their happily-ever-after doesn't mean they're out of the picture.  These characters all work together.  And I love that we are meeting new characters who are just as interesting and compelling.  

Add in to that that Amun (the hero of The Darkest Secret and keeper of the demon of secrets) has always made me curious, and in this book, Showalter seems to be planning to (maybe literally) put him through hell, not to mention, pair him up with one of the series most controversial females, and I will definitely be buying a copy as soon as this one hits the shelves!


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