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Friday, March 25, 2011

"follow me" friday: 03/25/11

Hosted over at parajunkee.com, whose blog looks ahhh-mazing, this is a fun and great way for new bloggers like me to kinda get our feet wet so to speak, venture out into the world of blogging, and hopefully meet new and fabulous people.

This week's question: Give us five book related, silly facts about you.

1) I have been known to literally jump up and down over a new book.
2) The scent of old books is one of my favorite smells in the whole world.
3) I find it nearly impossible to part with my books - no matter how many times I've read it/them.  My books are about to take over my bedroom, and I keep buying them!
4) When I find a new author I love, I will talk and talk about him/her, to basically anyone whom I think will listen.  Sometimes to the point of exasperating people, but I can't help it - I get carried away.
5) I have a mental list of "my favorite male/female/couples EVER" when it comes to books.  This list is open to change.  : )


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