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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Reminder: This Blog Has Moved!

Hey y'all!  Just a quick reminder that this blog has moved to a NEW home.  (Apologies for any confusion - I had a few posts still scheduled here once I moved to WordPress and imported my Blogger posts, so they showed up here instead of there!)

Anyway, I'm at Once Upon a Prologue .NET now, not .COM.  So the blog is found at: Once Upon a Prologue!  I'll leave this one up for awhile, but I'd love it if you'd consider visiting the new blog and subscribing there.  I'm currently hosting a month long event featuring YA contemporaries, and there are lots of giveaways for US and International readers.

Anyway, it was fun here at Blogger, but I'm really loving my new blogging home.  Stop by there and see me!

- Molli


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